Who we are

We are team of young and positive people, filled with crave for creating. We are united by our endless love of doing creative work. We believe that through our art, we can break the current understandings and beliefs and transform the surrounding reality into more sustainable and beautiful place. We are micro-community of 13 members united together by our attraction to contemporary ART trends and willingness to CHANGE.

What we do

Our ART is influenced by the Mexican culture. Every year in the end of October, Mexico celebrates its national holiday “Dia de Muertos” or “Day of the dead”. In comparison to the Western nations, where people take death as the end of the physical existence, observed by mourning ceremonies, countries from Central America honor their lost relatives with festivals, prays and feasts. And Mexican people believe that life continues after death.

They make "Ofrendas", which is actually an item collection of sugar skulls, flowers and toys through which they observe the holiday.

One of the most used symbol is ‘Calavera’. It comes from Spanish language and has a meaning of skull. Skulls are made from sugar or clay. Most popular of them are the so called Candy Skulls which are decorated with the names of the dead. These skulls are put in the grave or exchanged as a gifts. Some of their typical features are: Roses, Diamonds, Marigold, Spider nets, Crosses and etc.

Our Mission

Our mission is to the change the taboo of getting the skull as a symbol of death only, because if you think out of the box every person can be seen as an individual skull. Everyone of us is wearing this symbol during his life which personify his individuality.

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to show that through means of ART, every abstract shape can be transformed in something meaningful and beautiful.

Our Values

Our values represent our cause to help young people and talented children, to create and build one better and sustainable world.